Top 12 best outdoor curtains in 2020

If you want to decorate your home the first thing you have to do is you have to buy some best outdoor curtains and you supposed to buy some fabric outdoor curtain. Curtains will not give you only privacy inside your house it will decorate your house too. Choice of curtains reflects your personality, your choice of color, your honesty in some aspect. Curtains enumerate more beauty to your bedroom, balcony. In a word Curtains reflects your living standard. So you need to be more cautious in selecting your curtains.

Best Outdoor Curtains
Best Outdoor Curtains

Types of best outdoor curtains

         There are several types of fabrics. From those fabric you just have to select that fabric which is best suited for your room and obviously those will be your best outdoor curtains.

      Cotton based:  Cotton based curtains are heavy in weight compared to other fabric curtains. This fabric can be attacked by mold and mildew. If your fabric gets wet then soak it as soon as possible to combat mold and mildew problem.

Polyester Based:  This type is widely used type and it is light in weight. It is easy to wash and you can find a wide range of color and print. Polyester is long lasting fabric; they are hefty and very cheap. Polyester curtain can combat with furrow, dwindle and expanse. Curtain may discolor and faded in couple of years. As a new user you can use polyester because it is easy to use and very easy to maintain.

If you get shifted to your new flat then it can be the best option. You can use it in your master bed and dining room at the same time it will be the worst choice for your kitchen because of its combustible nature. Always try to choose a dark color if you have kids and toddler as they used to play with the curtain and the Curtain can easily get messy.

Linen based: Linen based curtains are very soft. Linen fabrics are soft but quite heavy. Due to its heavy weight, it is quite durable and curtains made of this fabric can help keep the house warm during winter.

Can outdoor curtains get wet?

Outdoor Curtains might get wet in rain or through snow fall. If you have cotton curtain then it will be easy to soak that curtain. In case of silky curtain it is quite easier to soak than cotton one. If you don’t soak your curtain quickly then the fabric may lose its quality and it may be discolored.

Can we wash curtains?

We should wash the curtains of the house regularly. After a few days of use, the curtains may become dirty. If there are children in the house then the curtains of the house get dirty more quickly. When washing the curtains, we have to be careful not to lose its color. These can be washed in the washing machine. It is best way to wash curtains is dry wash.

Can people make curtains?

The curtains are actually made of fabric. Anyone who has fabric can easily make a curtain of his choice. If you have enough time and have a sewing machine, you can easily make a curtain in a few days. Just buy fabric of your choice from the shop then measure the size of the window or door. Then sew the fabric according to that size. These steps are all you need to make your own curtain.
Curtains are available at any clothing store. It is also available in any online store. Order fabric of your desired color and design online. The next day you will get your desired curtain.

Waterproof curtain

Some curtains are available that are water proof. The advantage of these curtains is that you can use them safely on a rainy season. If you forget to leave your window open on a rainy day, there will be no problem at all and rain cannot harm your curtain.
The curtains can made of different fabrics. Cotton, linen, polyester etc. are the types of fabrics. You can go to the store and choose the fabric for curtain.

How to hang curtains?

The Curtains can be hung in different ways. Curtain rods are available at any store. You can buy ready-made hanging rods or make them yourself at home if you have time. Here are some steps you can follow to hang your curtains.

Step 1:
Buy a few hollow aluminum rods from the market. Cut the rods exactly to the size of your windows and doors.
Step 2:
Attach the u shaped brackets to the two ends of the door or window with screws.
Once the rods are cut to a certain size, insert the rods inside the brackets and insert the rods through the sewed part on the top of curtain.

How to hang curtains with wire or without rods?

Many people ask what we will do if the curtain rod is not found. There are some other solutions friends. You can also hang your curtains with wire or rope. For this you need some nails and wire or rope. First insert the nails in two sides of the door or window by using hammer. Then insert the sewed part of curtain through the rope or wire and after that hang the two ends of the rope on the nail.

How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind?

Curtains in the house are used not only for privacy but also for the beauty of the house. Sometimes the curtains have to be removed to get enough light and air in the room. It can be torn or damaged by too much wind or storm so windows should be kept closed during storms or high winds.

best Outdoor curtains design ideas

Curtains multiply the beauty of the house. Beautiful design is necessary to enhance the beauty of a house. But many people are confused about how he will design his curtain. There are many designed or colored fabric available online. Custom designs can be purchased online or custom designs can be made by a tailor. Just download some gorgeous designs from internet or got to an expert tailor and get your best outdoor curtains.

What will I do if my outdoor curtain is long?

Curtains can often be small or large in size. That’s why we need to measure the size of the window or door very carefully before ordering online. If the size of the door or window is not taken properly, it may be found small or long. If it is long, the problem will be a little less and then it will be done by cutting some part according to proper size. But if it is small, then you have to visit a tailor to fix that problem.

Deconovo Grey Blackout Grommet Curtains Pair Thermal Insulated Window Curtains with Dots Pattern which can be yur best outdoor curtain


  • Quality of cloth is very good
  • This type of fabric reflects sunlight on hot days. That is why the house is very cold on a hot day.
  • Absorbs sunlight / heat in winter, so the house stays warm in winter.
  • Cloth can absorb sound. It will make you feel comfortable in such a noisy area.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Three layers of cloth have been used. The fabric is quite durable due to the three layers.
  • Plays an important role in maintaining the privacy of the home
  • Due to dark color it can absorb heat easily
  • Available in a variety of sizes that fit snugly on doors or windows of different sizes.
  • Weight is more than three pounds.
  • Thickness is more than 40 inches and length is more than 90 inches.
  • These fabrics are 100 percent pure polyester.


  • The price is relatively high.
  • Hand washing is recommended.
  • Cloth softeners cannot be used.

RHF Wide Thermal Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel, Sliding Door Insulated Curtains, Thermal Curtains, Grommet Curtains, Extra Wide Curtains, Curtains for Sliding Glass Door:100W by 84L Inches-Beige


  • 100 percent polyester so it weighs much less.
  • It also has the ability to absorb light very well. So its reading power is high.
  • Noise can create a quiet environment because it absorbs noise.
  • It can be bought and used because it is sewn.
  • You can wash this cloth by washing machine.
  • Can be washed by hand
  • The heat from the outside prevents the inside from entering and the heat from the inside from the outside. This is why it feels cold on hot days and hot on winter days.


  • If curtains are not available according to the door or window sizes
    then you have to fix it by the tailor or cut.
  • Can only be used indoors.
  • The price is neither too high nor too low.
  • You have to buy a new one after 5.5-6 years as the color may go bad after 5-6 years of use.

NICETOWN Sheer Curtain Panels Bedroom - Home Decoration Solid Voile Panels with Ring Top (2-Pack, 54 Wide x 84 inch Long, White)


  • The biggest advantage of this fabric is that it is made of 100 percent polyester. It also has the ability to absorb light very well. So its reading power is high.
  • This screen is available in ready-made form so there is no problem in making it from tailors.
  • The ultra violet rays of the sun can be absorbed by these fabrics.
  • The sound of high frequency can be absorbed by this fabric.
  • Sleep can be better if there is a curtain of this type in the door or window of the room as it can absorb sound and light.
  • Uniquely designed curtain are available.
  • This fabric does not have any chemical coating. So these clothes are very beneficial for health.
  • These clothes are very easy to take care of. You can easily wash in the home washing machine.


  • The price of this screen is a little higher.
  •  A little overweight


NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom (2 Panels, W42 x L63 -Inch,Grey)


  • If your television or computer is beside your window and you have this curtain on the window, you will get a very better view.
  • If necessary, you can clean the clothes by steam. Ultraviolet rays on the television will not hit your eyes directly.
  • You can iron these clothes at home
  • These fabrics can balance the room temperature which makes your room comfortable 


  • This curtain is very soft in nature for which curtain can easily get dirty.
  • Because of its soft nature this curtain feds away within 3-4 years.

Dreaming Casa Royal Blue Velvet Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room Thermal Insulated Rod Pocket Back Tab Window Curtain for Bedroom 2 Panels 52" W x 96" L


  • This curtain is made of soft velvet fabric.
  • You can iron these clothes at home
  • This fabric acts as a temperature insulator. The result is feeling cold on hot days and hot on winter days.
  • These fabrics are much more durable.
  • All fabrics can be cut to different sizes and can be given into different sizes.
  • As it feels hot in winter and cold in hot days, this feature saves electricity.


  • Many do not like velvet fabrics.
  • Velvet fabrics are much heavier
  • Velvet cloth is difficult to wash

MIUCO Floral Embroidered Semi Sheer Curtains Faux Linen Grommet Curtains for Girls Room 52 x 84 Inch Set of 2, Off White


  • This Curtain is perfect for girl’s room
  • This fabric has a layer of linen. Due to this layer natural light, air can blow a lot through the room.
  • If there is heavy light and air circulation in the house, germs and bacteria cannot grow inside the house.
  • It has a variety of embroidered designs that will make you feel very close to nature and give the house a natural gorgeous look.
  • This Curtain will enhance your taste and make the sharp look luxurious.



  • These fabrics cannot be bleached
  • Cannot be washed in hot water


100% Blackout Curtains(with Liner),Primitive Linen Look White Blackout Curtains& Blackout Thermal Insulated Liner,Grommet Curtains for Living Room/Bedroom,Burlap Curtains-2 Panels, 50x84



  • This fabric is very comfortable because it is made of 100%
  • Sunlight cannot reach in user’s home. So on a hot day the room stays cold.
  • The outer part of this curtain is white, so it reflects the ultra violet rays from sun and does not allow rays to enter the room.
  • Bleach can be used during washing.
  • It is not necessary to heat water for washing; it can be washed in cold water.
  • The white exterior reflects all the light so that nothing inside the room can be seen from the outside, thus maintaining the privacy of the room.


  • Outer part of this curtain is white. So it gets dirty very easily
  • You have to wash this curtain every 15 days interval.

NICETOWN Romantic Starry Sky Curtains - Space Inspired Night Sky Twinkle Star Kid's Room Draperies, Creative Blackout Window Drapes for Teenagers Bedroom (Set of 2, 52 x 63 inches, Navy Blue)


  • These screens are theme based. And perfect for kids
  • Available in various themes such as sky stars, forests, mysteries, cartoons etc.
  • Available in different sizes. 95% of the time it does not need to be cut separately for different sizes.
  • Can be cleaned with bleaching



  • Not perfect for adult rooms.

NICETOWN Blackout Curtains Panels for Bedroom - 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Thermal Insulated Solid Ring Top Blackout Window Drapes (2 Panels, 52 x 84 Inch, Gray)


  • This Curtain is made of imported polyester fabric.
  • This Curtain is charming enough
  • It is very easy to install
  • These fabrics are very durable and you can use them year after year



  • Bleach cannot be used in washing clothes. Machine washable

GoodGram 2 Pack: Basic Rod Pocket Sheer Voile Window Curtain Panels - Assorted Colors & Sizes (Red, 45 in. Long Pair)


  • The price is very low. If your budget is low then you can take this one,
  • The yarn of this Curtain is made of polyester
  • You can find light white and light other colors
  • Very thin so air and light can pass easily through the window or door.
  • Weight is very low so you can transfer this one place to another easily



  • Due to its light color, it gets dirty very quickly.
  • Due to the thin fabric, it is less durable

NICETOWN 100% Blackout Window Curtain Panels, Heat and Full Light Blocking Drapes with Black Liner for Nursery, 84 inches Drop Thermal Insulated Draperies (White, 2 Pieces, 52 inches Wide Each Panel)


  • Its softness makes very convenient to slide through the rod. The Curtain does not get stuck in the rod.
  • The Curtain does not get damaged by repeated slides.
  • This screen can block the ultra violet rays
  • You can choose any design from different beautiful designs.
  • This fabric is durable enough because of its two layers.
  • It has no chemical coating so it is very healthy for everyone especially for kids who roaming here and there and besides the curtain.


  • The price is a little higher than others
  • Washing is a problematic due to overweight


Deconovo Blackout Curtains Grommets with Dots Pattern Thermal Insulated Drapes for Bedroom and Sliding Glass Door 52 x 84 Inch Grey 2 Panels


  • This Curtain is made of three layered fabric. The upper part is color fabric. The middle part is high density black yarn. The inner part is also color fabric.
  • It saves a lot of electrical energy
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Made of silk fabric



  • Because of three layer fabric this Curtain is little heavy.
  • Bleach cannot be used in this cloth.



Best outdoor Curtains is not very hard to find.Not all types of curtains are perfect for all rooms. Some curtains just look good in the drawing room. Some curtains look good in the dining room. Living room curtains are also different. Different types of curtains have to be installed in the kitchen because the heat of the fire in the kitchen can damage the curtain or some time there will be high risk of catching fire. In some cases, curtains made of silk and polyester fabrics are dangerous to install in kitchen. So you have to install cotton curtains in the kitchen.Just be careful about choosing your best outdoor curtains.

There are some characteristics of Best outdoor Curtains, Such as It is better to install curtains in the living room that usually reflect the ultraviolet rays of the sun, then the house will be cool on a hot day. Some fabrics can absorb noise, high volume sound, if you install curtains made of those fabrics, you can sleep better and less noise can enter the room. The curtains in the children’s room also look beautiful and gorgeous if the curtains are based on different themes such as cartoons, jungles, spaces etc. Follow this page and find your Best Outdoor curtains so easily. You can do more research on google. if you cannot find anything feel free to touch with me.